I can remember as far back as 6 years old, when I was drawn to the outdoors while looking through books and magazines.  At age 18, I began photographing airplanes with my Nikon FG 35mm at McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, Ca, and took a few trips out to the Sacramento International Airport and San Francisco International Airport to shoot the commercial airlines.  My passion for the outdoors grew into the National Parks, and began photographing and hiking the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, and Yosemite in the late 90"s.  Shortly after, I bought a large format 4x5 and began teaching myself how to use and shoot with it.  I was hungry for the larger print, but without detail loss.  For the past 15 years, after visiting an Ansel Adams exhibit in Boston, I began focusing my art on Yosemite specifically.  After years of hiking and photographing Yosemite, I consider it my second home for sure.  For me, It's a place that once I enter the park gates, the rest of the "normal" world seems to stay behind.  A few years later in life, I decided to quit my day job of 21 years, and commit my life to photography full time.  I believe, if you're going to fail at something you don't love, you may as well fail at something you do love, so I sold everything I owned and opened a Gallery in Durango, CO.  Looking back, it has been then best thing I've ever done in my life ... wouldn't change it for the world.  Today, photography workshops are just as passionate to me as shooting .... I didn't realize how much I loved to teach, hike with others, help them learn the specific places to shoot sunrises or sunsets.  So, thank you in advance for helping me achieve what I've always desired of this life of mine.  

Scott Bracken