Colorado - Scott Bracken Photography
Alone on the range

Alone on the range

Montrose Colorado
Toyo 45AII large format / Fuji velvia 50 ISO

Oddly enough, I was driving down this highway and glanced off to my right and noticed this beautiful meadow with mountains towering in the distant coupled by 5 horses and put on the breaks. Made a quick U-turn and pulled over across the street from them. Grabbed my gear but noticed my film holders were all full with exposed film. Did a quick un-load and re-load before the horses scattered about and went off on there way. As my heart was racing from changing out my film I walked quietly across the street and set up my large format 4x5 view camera ... As I composed my shot 4 of the horses were distracted by me and walked up to the fence where I was set up while this one stayed there feasting and glad he did!
After I got the shot, a car stopped and two ladies walked over to me and we began to talk ... Come to find out this land is owned by Ralph Lauren. So, needless to say, it was a good find.